Materials science

Our cooked wool is made from pure merino wool. It’s a wholly natural product, hard-wearing, dirt-repellent and crease-free.

Our Eco Lamb is exceptionally light. It’s sourced from sustainable animal farms, and is comprised of ecologically-dyed and tanned lamb velour.

The Frauenschuh Nylon Quilt is two layers of the finest nylon in Europe with an extremely light down-feather fleece, which is indispensable as a lining in various garments.

In the secluded nature of Languedoc, Toulouse, a region of southern France, these rare, free-range lambs are bred, and together with our ecological finishing form the basis of this luxurious material.

The three-layered elastic, Frauenschuh Premium Softshell is robust and durable. It is also water and wind resistant.

The natural, temperature-regulating wool combines with a low-maintenance, sturdy polyester to form Frauenschuh’s Wool Powerstretch, an elastic all-rounder that keeps warm and maintains it’s shape.

This is a material made of merino wool, which is processed cut due to its knitting technique, and can be worn on both sides due to its two high-quality surfaces.