Dear Frauenschuh friends,

At Frauenschuh, we are committed to delight our customers with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Our core competence lies in making garments that are not only beautiful to look at, but also meet the highest standards. We set a great importance to fair and sustainable production.

We dearly invite you to become part of our phylosophy and are looking forward to welcome you to our upcoming events in a small circle.


Each event takes place from 6 p.m to 8 p.m in our Store in Kitzbühel

14th July:
Our origin - from the leather to our philosophy

11th August:
The history of leather - use and characteristics of leather

8th September:
Tanning and finishing - learn the morst important technical terms

06th October:
The shoe - Discover the world of shoe production and let a showmaker explain all the important details to you

10th November:
Leather clothing and lambwool  – how is it processed and what patterns are suitable for it


7th December:
Knitwear and cashmere – our specialitist will show you the subleties and characteristics, as well as the production of a knitted model

12th January:
Cooked Wool and Loden - a bond with tradition in the form of classic materials

9th February:
The ski pants - years of development for the perfect day of skiing

8th March:
Performance clothing - what is a membrane and how does it work

12th April:
Biodegradable – where do the materials come from and where do they dissapear again

The number of participants is limited, so we ask that you register in advance:, +43 5356 64288