About us

Welcome to the world of Frauenschuh

We are a family business from Kitzbühel, which has been managed for over 40 years by Kaspar Frauenschuh and his sister Theresia Frauenschuh-Broz. FRAUENSCHUH stands for timeless and luxurious women's - and men's clothing.

Our specially developed, high-tech materials such as Premium Softshell or Nylon Quilt are combined with traditional fabrics like loden and wool to shape a uniquely FRAUENSCHUH silhouette recognizable the world round.

The factor time plays a special role for us: only if the creation process is given enough time, extraordinary products can be created, which meet the highest standards of sustainability.

FRAUENSCHUH is an innovative, yet at the same time tradition-conscious family business that translates natural health and respect for the environment into the finest ready-to-wear clothing, always striving for further development and perfection.